My Christmas Wishlist

2020 has been a monster of a year, wouldn’t you agree? The fact that we are blessed to experience Christmas in a time of uncertainty is a miracle in itself. Other years I would think of all the material things I might ask my loved ones for but this year has truly affected my perspective on life and gift giving. Obviously we are excited to spend our first Christmas as parents and we are doing the traditional thing by putting up a tree and buying gifts for Scout but we are also so conscious of the struggles we have been through this year. I have always been a really sensitive person and so I thought I would share a little bit of my heart with you and document my Christmas wishlist for 2020. 

1. That we get to be together. 

I really pray that my family members and I are all healthy enough to spend Christmas together this year; with the uncertainty of Covid-19 and the rise in infections, it is a reality that an infection could amount to a Christmas spent self-isolating. Since Wes and I have been married our two families have had lunch together. It is wonderful to spend the time with our mothers and my brother. 

2. That we enjoy the day despite our sadness. 

My father in law passed away in June this year. He loved Christmas more than any of us. Being together without him is going to be so difficult. I am saddened, daily, that he is not around to spoil Scout (as he used to do for Manny) and I see the tears in my mother-in-law’s eyes each time we speak of Christmas. We will keep traditions alive but it will not be the same without him. On the converse, we have an added blessing that Wesley’s brother is down from the UK this year; it’s only the second Christmas I will share with him and he gets to be here for Scout’s first Christmas but his children will not be with us as they couldn’t make the trip this time around. It is difficult to be apart from loved ones in a time of festivities. I pray that we make it through this Christmas with bits of joy, despite the emptiness we all feel in our own way. 

3. That God blesses us with good health. 

I often have serious anxiety around my health as I am all too aware how fragile life is. It is truly a gift, one that I cherish daily, and I pray that God blesses out family members with good health in the years to come but that he also keeps us safe on the roads over the festive period. 

4. For charity

I believe it is important to be mindful of those in need; while we prepare to have meals on our tables, it is important to remember the many families who will not have enough to put on theirs. I think of the many children who will not have a gift to unwrap this year. I have decided to prepare a meal for a family who lives on the street in our area. They have two children and I would like to bless them with Christmas this year. There are many other ways that one could get involved in making Christmas special for another person, like filling a Santa shoe box or visiting a home for the aged on Christmas as many elderly people spend the day longing for company. If your heart is moved to share the cheer with someone this year, I pray that you execute your plans to do so. 

5. That we remember the reason for the season. 

Christmas commemorates the birth of the saviour, Jesus Christ. Because He was born and because he died for our sins, our faith in him means that we are raised to life. Hallelujah! I pray that amidst the festive cheer that, as Christians, we carry the miracle of his birth in our hearts and that we strive to live as he did. 

Whether you share my faith or not, the festive time is a special one and I hope that you get to share in joyous moments with your loved ones. Please stay safe and remember to follow Covid-19 protocols so that we can fight the virus together and get back to  the old normal! 

Wishing you festive cheer. 

Until my next post, 


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