Simple pleasures: The last two weekends.

Weekends are incredibly sacred to me. They are a time to get things done, see friends (well, of late) and spend much-needed quality time with my family. You’d think that because Wes and I live together, on our own and with Scout, that we’d have bits of time to spend together, especially now that he works from home, but the reality is that free time during the week is spent doing housework while trying to get in those individual tasks that each of us need to do. There’s very little time for our interests these days. Scout is crawling and that means we no longer have the option of setting her on the bed with a few toys so that we can quickly send emails or fetch something from another room; she’s also experiencing separation anxiety so we have to be in her surrounds when we set her in the playpen. These aren’t complaints, rather, they are contextual factors that make down time almost impossible. Our day jobs and my blogging also take up much of our time and we have to consciously play with Scout when either of our parents leave after caring for her for the day. needless to say, life tends to get quite crazy which is why I thought I’d share some of our sunshine over the last two weekends when we spent quality time with some friends and separately as a family, too.
We saw old friends. Our friends called to say that they were in the area and wanted to pop in. It was so lovely catching up as it had been months since we had seen them. I love the familiarity of good company and the little quirks that being together presents, like my friend laughing so loudly that it would probably wake Scout if she were asleep. Scout and I, on that same day, also accompanied Wesley to watch the Manchester United game with the guys; as expected, they sat outside and saw very little of the game and the ladies retreated to the bedroom for some chitchat. We had loads to talk about as she is due to give birth any day now and so we bonded over our similar life spaces. Thank goodness Scout didn’t scare the new parents to be as she was sweet and friendly the entire time. 
Scout attended her first birthday party. Wesley’s university friend, who he also worked with, invited us to his daughter’s first birthday party. His wife and I had met at a dinner when the guys still worked together and we really enjoyed each another’s company. A few years later we were both pregnant at the same time, her with her second baby and me with Scout and so we have often chatted and sent voice notes to each other to check in or consult regarding the children. Even though I’ve only seen her thrice, it’s as though we have spent so much time together because we talk often enough to know what’s happening in each other’s lives. The party was lovely and we have since agreed to do a weekend away over the summer break at the end of the year. Wesley and I both agreed that we enjoy their company because everything is so relaxed; they are incredibly down to earth so our shared life spaces with work and parenting makes them a family that we can easily spend time with. 
We shopped for household items. Our home renovations are well underway and we are at the point where we already need to select items to finish off some of the rooms in our home. We had a look at bathroom items and also priced a new refrigerator; we want to have the correct measurements to help us plan our kitchen so we spent a little time in the shops to see what’s available at the moment. We have dreamt about and planned this renovation for so long that some of it doesn’t feel real. I’ve shared very little with people about it, mostly because Wesley and I tend to fly under the radar about many things. We like to dream and plan together but we are equally happy to share things with people who are invested in our lives. Anyway, I’m excited to see our vision come to life but will admit that I struggle to select things for an unfinished space; fortunately, I have Wesley to bounce ideas off, making the process a little easier. 
We went out to lunch. Wesley joked and said that I should order everything I want because it’s our last date until our home is completed. I know he was exaggerating but we both agreed that we should cut back on spending to make room for unexpected expenses related to our renovation. We had had such a good experience at our local Cape Town Fish Market (in Westlake) that we decided to go back for lunch. It’s a spacious restaurant that allows for social distancing and we are comfortably able to seat Scout in her Bumbo that we strap to the seat. We enjoyed the time at the table where we got to chat without any distractions; at home it’s really easy to start folding the washing or begin packing away the toys and so it seems, at times, that we aren’t entirely present when we spend time together. It was a good afternoon spent and Scout seemed to enjoy the change of scenery, too, nagging a little less than she has been of late (due to separations anxiety and possible teething).
We did nothing.We had a lazy Sunday. Aren’t lazy Sundays the best? We chose to make a simple lunch (burgers and fries) and said that we wouldn’t leave the house for the day. We cornered off the mezzanine area so that Scout could crawl freely and took turns with her on the floor while the Formula 1 race was on. We even fell asleep while Scout napped and both felt so refreshed afterwards! I’ve found that I enjoy sleeping on the floor; it’s safer now that Scout is crawling and so I lay a thick blanket on the mat and put her down, cozying up next to her when I get the chance to. I didn’t have my phone with me and so nodding off was a real treat!
I shared this post with you to hopefully remind you of the simple joys in life and to share how much good relationships and time with family mean to me. I’ve learnt to live life fully by being present and allowing gratitude to live in my heart. Leave a comment and let me know what simple pleasures brings you joy. 
Until my next post, Bronny 


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