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Winter always reminds me how important it is to follow through with good hair habits. My hair usually gets really dry and leaves me feeling that it needs a cut or a treatment. That can be quite demotivating if you believe that you are taking good care of your hair. I will admit that I become lazy in Winter because it is cold and I want to fast-track the time I spend doing my hair to avoid my fingertips freezing. This year, however, I have gone back to the basics of hair washing and have noticed a real improvement in my hair’s health. I thought I would use the principles of salon professionals when washing my hair and the results have been amazing. Here are some tips to wash your hair like a professional and restore some of its natural glow in the process. 

Lather twice 

We’ve all convinced ourselves at one point or another that lathering once is enough. I’ve done it too and on most occasions I’ve appeased myself that it is okay because I wash my hair frequently enough. It is a poor excuse and, while it may be fine for a few weeks, after a while you may begin to notice that your hair may appear dull or feel a little strum. This is when we usually turn to oils and deep conditioners to add moisture and restore our hair’s health but what I have learnt is that doing so  actually adds to the problem as you’re possibly adding to the product build up that your hair is already suffering through. Washing your hair properly, and twice, with a clarifying or nourishing shampoo will help get rid of that build-up. If you wash your hair well each time it may just help you identify what it actually needs when it feels anything less than healthy. 

Lather at the root.

This is something I learnt along the way: to protect your ends you want to scrub your scalp, gently, with your fingertips but avoid rubbing the length of your hair. The friction may cause your hair to become weak or brittle so I would suggest squeezing the shampoo through your ends, adding bits of water to help it lather up. Remember that hair gets oily from the root, so it is best to clean from the root, too. 

Always use a conditioner to detangle 

If your strand gets oily faster than others, only apply conditioner to your ends but be sure not to skip this step as it helps to keep your hair nourished and is a vital step in preventing frizz. If you have naturally curly hair, you’d know that skipping this step is like forgetting to add cream to your body after a swim in the ocean! Add enough conditioner and work it through with your palms and fingers before detangling your hair. 

Comb from the ends and work your way up 

And do so gently. Starting at the root can damage your hair as you tug away at the strands to detangle them. Make sure that you use a wide-toothed comb and work through your hair slowly, starting at the ends to protect your hair. Once properly detangled, I usually go over my hair again with a fine-toothed brush or comb to work the product through. If your hair is particularly dry, you may want to add some oil to seal in some extra moisture but do not repeat this step every time.

Give yourself a massage 

Is this not the best part about visiting a hair salon? That the person shampooing your hair gives a lovely scalp massage while allowing some time for the conditioner to work its way through your strand. Why not add this to your home washing routine! It’s not only great for stimulating hair growth but it is a lovely way to let go of some tension and help you relax. 

Rinse thoroughly 

Once again, you want to prevent product build-up and give your hair a good clean before moving on to styling. Clean hair allows your styling products to do what they were designed to as they can work their way through the strand that is not clogged with last week’s gunk. Leaving some conditioner in is not the best way to style; if you’re a natural and find that you need a little more than your styling cream, try using a leave-in conditioner as a base layer before adding the styling product and see if it helps to prevent frizz. 

Dry using a microfiber towel or a cotton t-shirt 

This prevents frizz as your strands are not roughed up, like it would be when using an ordinary towel. Remember that you should squeeze excess water out of your hair and should never rub to dry your hair. If, like me, you hate dripping hair, make a bun with the t-shirt or towel and use a hair tie to keep it in place. 

Always protect your hair before styling. 

Whether it is adding a serum, styling creams or a heat defense spray, make sure that you protect your hair before styling and that you use a product that is suited to your hair’s specific needs. 

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