Being a Yummy Mummy

I am a Yummy Mummy! 

That’s a confident statement to make but, honestly, if I do not think that I am a beautiful, courageous mom then I cannot expect that anyone else will see me in that light, too. 

Becoming a mom has made me feel very secure as a woman; I have never trusted myself and my instincts as much as I do now. I love my baby so much and, like all moms, only want what is best for her; that means being at my best, too. For me, being at my best needs two things: 

  1. For my mind to be stimulated and 
  2. For my body to feel healthy. 

While on maternity leave I keep my mind active by reading, creating content and working on projects that will help me achieve my goals and live out my dreams. I also have stimulating conversations with people who inspire me and, of late, listen to podcasts that motivate me to keep going. 

To keep my body healthy I am sure to wake up early enough to eat a nutritious breakfast and to exercise for at least 20-40 minutes 5-6 days a week. But it does not end there, I try my best to eat good food throughout the day because I am breastfeeding; nutrition matters even more because baby feeds on all that I do. Part of the challenge of breastfeeding is that I often feel hungry and thirsty so I have had to find ways to support my appetite while making sure that I don’t compromise my intention to be healthy. I came across a brand that has supported my breastfeeding needs and would like to share it with you. 

The owner of Yummy Mummy Lifestyle started following me via the brand’s Instagram page and, intrigued, I visited the website to read up on their products; I’d contacted her about trying out some of them and she, happily, sent some of them along. I will be honest and tell you that the Collagen Protein drew my attention at first because, let’s face it, collagen is the buzz word for nutritional support these days. Yet, I wasn’t entirely convinced that I was going to see a difference in my milk supply as the reviews online had stated and saw the Collagen Protein shake and the Booby Bar snack bars as more of a healthier way to get more food and liquids into my body. 

Since trying out the Collagen Protein shake I have noticed that:

  – My milk supply has increased by 20-30ml per breast when I express in the morning. 

  –  I am less hungry during the day. 

  –  My hips and joints ache a lot less than they did prior to  including the shake in my diet.

Aching joints is a part of the postpartum journey that I had not expected and having them hurt less, just after using a shake, has made me keen to keep using the Collagen Protein in particular. 

How I include the Collagen Protein powder in my diet is by either having it as a pre-workout drink in the morning or by adding it to a smoothie later in the day. I enjoy it best when it is blended (in my Nutri Bullet but you can use any food processor) with banana, yoghurt, granola/ health seeds, peanut butter and some honey/ maple syrup. I, then, add 1-2 scoops of the vanilla flavoured Collagen Protein powder and some water; I find that this smoothie suppresses my hunger and thirst for at least another hour, helping me make it to my next meal without unnecessary snacking. 

The Booby Bar has loads of nutritious ingredients, including blessed thistle, alfalfa, fenugreek, oats, flax seeds, fennel, chia and sesame seeds. I usually do not enjoy food items with fennel and flax seeds but the adding of chocolate and cranberry to the bars, respectively, gives them a yummy taste without it spiking my craving for sugar. Sugar cravings are my weakness since giving birth and I have found in the past that other health bars make me want to eat more after I have had them. I have the Booby Bar as a snack between lunch and dinner and I have to with my Hulk Juice that I learnt to make on the RushTush Mama Glow diet. The thing about diet and nutrition is that you need to find what works for you and, for me, the Yummy Mummy Lifestyle products have worked well in conjunction with what I have learnt about my postpartum eating habits when following the Mama Glow eating plan. Once lockdown is over in South Africa and we get back to moving around, socially, I see myself throwing a Booby Bar in my bag as a ‘incase I get hungry’ snack. 

A good indicator as to whether one has liked a product that you have been sent is whether you would spend money on that item going forward. I would definitely purchase the Collagen Protein and would like to try it in other flavours as well. 

I want to point out that the Collagen Protein and Booby Bar is an addition to my eating plan that consists largely of whole, fresh foods. I believe in eating clean and focus on nutrition first so I am able to notice very quickly when food items do not agree with my body. I am going to link the website to Yummy Mummy Lifestyle at the end of this post for those who are interested in trying out any of the products mentioned. I am sure that you could also DM them on Instagram should you have any questions before purchasing (as they are still delivering during lockdown as well!). I am happy to have found support for my breastfeeding journey and enjoy that I have a go-to when I need to eat a little more because, let’s face it, breastfeeding is very demanding on the body. 

Would you like to know more about my nutrition as a mom? Also, should I write a post that speaks about my mental well-being as a mom, too? Leave a comment should you wish to share your experiences or to ask a question. 

Until my next post, 

Bronny xx 

Disclaimer: The products shared in this post were gifted to me. The opinions and experience shared are my own and were not paid for by Yummy Mummy Lifestyle



  1. Janis
    April 7, 2020 / 8:33 am

    I absolutely love reading your blog posts. It’s so inspiring just to read. I’m not a mother but would definitely want to be just as active like you.. ♥️

    Looking forward to your next post…

    • bronwyn
      April 13, 2020 / 1:53 am

      Thank you for this! It’s encouraging and I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment.

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