Week 9 Development: Discovering What Her Hands Can Do!

Does anyone else’s child cry through tummy-time? At our previous visit the paediatrician suggested that I put Scout down on different surfaces to begin developing her fine-motor skills. She also said to increase the amount of time that Scout spends on her tummy to help with her development. Tummy time is good for strengthening the back and neck and for baby being able to feel different surfaces at this stage. In all honesty, I’d been neglecting tummy time because Scout was screaming through the extended time; how I’ve started working around it is that I now break up the sessions and have three to four sessions a day, lasting an average of six minutes each. I also lay down on my back when she’s fussy and put her on my chest, which the paed said also counts as time spent. I’m being sure to keep to the routine of tummy time, which is spread between naps, because I know it is good for her development; I make sure to give her a long, deep cuddle afterwards to calm her distress and wipe her (and sometimes my) tears away. 

I recently wrote a post about Scout co-sleeping with us. She spent more nights in her own bed in week nine, which was a relief to me as I was allowed to get better sleep. It’s difficult having your baby in your bed because you are more aware of her being there and it can have you feeling more tired than usual the following day. I also found that she began napping a little better this week, which made it possible to re-establish her routine where she sleeps for two to three hours and plays, feeds and ‘chats’ for an average of two hours between naps. 

(Should I do a post on sleeping and establishing a routine? Let me know in the comments section if that will be useful.) 

The most notable development this week was Scout finding her face and mouth with her hands. She places her hands in her mouth and sucks on her fists and fingers, which is proving to be a really enjoyable experience for her. She’s also coos long enough to have a full ‘conversation’ with mom and is always ready with a smile. It really is precious watching my little baby discover new things and we are always ready to praise her when she’s done something new. Continuous encouragement, I have read, creates a positive environment for them to learn and develop in, so we are happy to create that space for her. 

This week playtime included: 

  • Time on the play mat, which was placed on the floor.
  • Song and rhythm.
  • “I ride my little bicycle”.
  • Holding objects nearer as she improves gesturing for them. 
  • Time alone (on the floor or in her crib) for as long as she was content. Wesley started doing this and it showed me that she did not need my attention the entire time, relieving me to cook with her nearby. 
  • Biting and chewing on mom’s fingers (and her own). 

I believe that the progress we are seeing is a result of her having started a new leap just over a week prior; all that’s new is a result of her brain development and I am happy that we are able to stimulate and support her development by engaging her on a daily basis. Is it tiring? Of course it is! But I use her waking moments to spend time with her and her nap times to see to my needs as well as that of the household. Wesley’s involvement in her parenting also makes a big difference as his way of doing things often shows me that some of  it can be a little easier and I am never short of appreciation for his help and support. 

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Bronny xx 



  1. Vanda
    April 1, 2020 / 8:10 pm

    She is growing up so fast B. I enjoyed reading this one….the cooying stages are super cute. 🤗

    • bronwyn
      April 1, 2020 / 9:44 pm

      Thank you, Vanda.
      I feel like time is flying but I am definitely enjoying every moment with her.
      Take care 🌷

    • Anya George
      April 4, 2020 / 3:06 pm

      I honestly thought newborns just ate, slept and pooped – motherhood has been such a wake up call! Loved reading this (and all your other development posts) – it’s helping me to know what to expect with my baby.

      Would love to read a post about sleep.

      • bronwyn
        April 6, 2020 / 11:04 am

        Yes! There is so much more to motherhood, that’s why I keep sharing these posts so that other new moms don’t wonder why their child isn’t the sleeping angel that online posts make us assume they are!
        Plus, moms are really good at managing the storm with very little complaint but our struggles of love need to be shared, too.

  2. April 2, 2020 / 5:56 am

    Lord knows I’m very far off from my kid-having stage! But I enjoy reading about lil Scout- so cute 🙂 Plus I didn’t know all of these little nuances that come with raising a newborn so it’s fun to learn about.

    • bronwyn
      April 2, 2020 / 9:03 am

      This is really lovely- that sharing raising her is interesting to not only moms but to you, too.
      Thank you for commenting and sharing this. And yes, being a parent and keeping your child happy takes more than just feeding and rocking them to sleep but nobody seems to tell you that!

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