Feeding Fashion: A Date With Dad

Initially, raising Scout was quite challenging because it felt that every cry, nag, burp and need was solely my responsibility. I’d run myself down by trying to do it all on my own because I felt I knew what’s best for my baby; even though this is true I’ve remembered that I’m not a single mom (bless all of you who are doing amazing jobs!) and that I need to allow Wesley to help me and let him be a parent to her, too.

Now that I’ve let go a little I’ve gotten to see just how good he is with her and it’s relieved me of seeing to her every need as he grows to understand her. Being parents has really put strain on our relationship but we are slowly building in this new phase and getting to know one another in these new roles, too.

I really look forward to Wes coming home in the evening for some company and we are trying to prioritise time for one another and are making an effort to go on dates, you know, to keep the flame alive (even if that means taking baby with and talking about her half of the time!).

This dress is from Cherry Melon (my favourite store for feeding and maternity wear) and I’ve styled in with a pair of sneakers and a headband for a casual, yet pretty, look. One could add a pair of heels or wedges and wear this dress to the office or a dinner party, taking the look from day to night; versatility has become important for me as I try to shop wisely and own fewer items that allow for more options in terms of styling.

How would you style this dress? Comment below and share your styling ideas with me.

Until my next post,

Bronny xx



  1. Vanda
    March 13, 2020 / 10:27 am

    Hi again
    These pics are gorgeous 🥰
    I would style this dress with a takkie, because of my height I hardly wear heels lol. So takkies definitely my choice 👌

    Nice read always …..

    • bronwyn
      March 13, 2020 / 7:01 pm

      Thank you for always reading and sharing your thoughts! You and I are both sneaker women, then! I almost don’t wear heels at all and wear wedges to dress up.

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