Feeding Fashion with Cherry Melon

I’m a mom; that’s pretty special, indeed. I remember loving pregnancy outfits and kept searching for inspiration online to find items that suited my growing belly. Because the process was gradual, I had time to consider what I wanted to wear and could shop around to find items that suited me best. There were a few items that I purchased from regular stores and a size bigger but the store that saved me was Cherry Melon. Not only do they have really lovey items for all occasions, because they are a maternity store, sizing is no different to what you would have worn pre-pregnancy (depending on individual preferences and comfortability).

And then I had baby Scout and my body was instantly different. I still wanted to look stylish but found that most of my clothing did not fit. That wasn’t too much of an issue as I improvised; what I hadn’t anticipated, though, was that my clothing needed to be practical for breastfeeding. Suddenly, my favourite dresses made no sense because, well, how do you lift an entire dress in public? I also needed items to suit my postpartum belly and tee shirts/dresses that made my breasts easily accessible. 

I’ve collaborated with Cherry Melon on their feeding range and have put together three different looks for breastfeeding moms to have practical and easy access to feeding without having to compromise looking and feeing good. 

In this post I’ve paired a pair of black trousers with a black feeding top, both my Cherry Melon. I’ve added a blazer and pair of heels to spice it up. I think this look could be worn to a business meeting, a dinner, a night on the town and even to a wedding, if pants and a blazer are part of your style. I had my friend and photographer Charmé Kriel capture these shots and I hope you love them as much as I do. I felt great and she helped me look amazing, as she always does. 

Do you like this combination? And are you looking forward to the other two looks? Let me know in the comments section. Keep scrolling to view outfit gallery.

Until my next post, 

Bronny xx 


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