African Pride Moisture Miracle Review

African Pride Moisture Miracle Review The African Pride Moisture Miracle product Range was gifted to me and I’ve chosen to do a review on the products because they are not only new to stores but because I’m really impressed with a few of the products. As with most of my reviews, I will be rating these products from my most favourite to the least. 
Initially, I didn’t think that the products would be suited to my type-3 hair because, as most of you know, I prefer my hair to have a natural look as opposed to a product-drenched ‘wet’ look; styling creams are meant to moisturise my curls, not weigh them down. I was pleasantly surprised by this range and my comments on the individual products will tell you why. 

1. The Aloe and Coconut Water Pre-Shampoo. I did a little video in my Instagram stories where, after days of tying my hair, I’d used the Pre-shampoo and my comb literally glided through my hair. It’s an excellent detangler and it left my hair nourished before washing it. I left the product in a little longer than what recommended but we all know that, as naturalistas, we often do that anyway!

2. Honey and Coconut shampoo. One word to describe this shampoo: luxurious. It smells really yummy and it cleaned my hair in the way that a clarifying shampoo would. Because I co-wash my hair during the week it’s essential that my Saturday shampoo is clarifying. This products gets a big yes from me. 

3. Coconut Oil & Baobab Oil Leave-in Cream. I was skeptical about this product because my experience with leave-in products are that act as a first product before my styling cream. Furthermore, it felt really heavy on my hair and it made my hair look stringy during application. I was worried that my curls would be oily and feel hard but that actually wasn’t the case. I used the cream as a base product and followed it up with the curling cream. Because of the smooth texture I believe that it’s the Leave-in cream that sealed my ends and made my curls look shiny and bouncy. Between the Leave-in Cream and the Curling Cream, I’d say that this is my favourite; I’d highly recommend it.

4. Shea Butter and Flaxseed Curling Cream. While this product helped to produce my beautiful curls, I’d say that it’s the lesser of the styling creams. The texture has a sticky feel to it and it would work better with up-dos as opposed to a wash-and-go, which is always my test with new products. If I were to choose which product to purchase, I’d suggest the Leave-in cream over the Curling Cream. 

5. Moroccan Clay & Shea Butter Heat Activated Mask. If you look at the name of this product it should, because of ingredients alone, make the top of my list of favourites. Yet, it has made it to my ‘I’d give it a miss’ list. The main reason that I’m not too keen on this product is because it has a really strong smell that lingered after I’d rinsed my hair. It probably contributed tremendously to my results but I prefer my conditioners and shampoos to have fresher smells that I’m able to rinse away. 

The important question that needs to be asked is whether I’d purchase any of these; it’s easy to give products a nod when one hasn’t paid for it but a true test is whether you’d spend your own money on it.I would definitely boy the pre-shampoo, the shampoo and the leave-in cream. They are my favourites and I’m looking forward to giving them another use with my next wash day. I think that these products are suited to type 3 and type 4 hair in that they do not only bring a natural shine but they also work to seal in moisture, which is going to be necessary as summer approaches. That’s the other point, I think it will be a good product for summer because it practically eliminates frizz; Wesley noticed that I didn’t have my usual fly-aways at the end of the day when using the styling creams. The photographs I’ve shared in this post show how lovely the results were.

The styling creams do fall short in that they are not day two/ refreshing styling creams because they are too heavy, so my hair ended up being really stringy when I tried using it two day in a row. It means that I still need to have lighter styling creams on hand.

Have you seen these products in stores? And have you tried them? 
Leave a comment and let me know if this review has helped you decide whether to purchase the African Pride products. 

Until my next post, 

Bronny xx 



  1. Vanda
    September 25, 2019 / 2:35 pm

    I bought this product and also have a 3c curl. Used the leave in cream only as it really made my curls pop. I use a styling mouse over this and my hair was light and bouncy.
    On my daughters hair however results differ…the curl cream left a white residue which did not look great 😞
    Overall I would not re purchase the curl cream but happy with the mask and leave in cream.

    • bronwyn
      September 25, 2019 / 7:26 pm

      I also prefer the leave-in cream. It re-affirms what I always say, that different hair types and preferences with results means that we all prefer different products. Thank you for the read and your response!

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