Review: Justine Tissue Oil Range

I have partnered with Justine and would like to tell you all that this post is sponsored but that this review is honest and that the views are my own. 

With that being out of the way, I was quite impressed when I received my package containing my Justine products; I’ve known about the brand for a long time because my mother and aunts used to use their products while I was growing up and I think that they have done a good job at re-branding themselves to cater to a wider group that now includes younger women. I don’t know how much exposure you have had to their products but I was particularly curious about the brand when I saw influencers using their makeup range. In this blog post I will be reviewing the Justine Tissue Oil range that uses real ingredients to care for our skin. Their tagline is that they target real women and I would like to share my experience with the products in this range. 

Before I get to the review bits, can I just say that the fact that their products are available online, and for delivery, is a serious win for me; I’m not sure how many of you shop online but I find online shopping to be so easy and so satisfying. With the click of a few buttons and some payment details I am able to save myself the trip to the store and that, for me, is convenience at its best. It also helps that the packaging is aesthetically pleasing, always a win when you’re wanting to treat yourself.

I have a few favourites and a few products that I would give a miss and I will chat about them in that order. 

My absolute favourites in the Tissue Oil range are the Moisturising Body Scrub, the Tissue Oil and the Lip Therapy. 

I know that many women neglect moisturising during winter (honestly, I could never!) and so I think that the Body Scrub is a good start to rub away the flaky, dry skin to prepare for Summer. I was introduced to exfoliating years ago when a friend and I spent some time and a luxurious hotel and I have always loved the experience. The Tissue oil Body Scrub is moisturising, as the product says, and it leaves my skin feeling treated and fresh. I’d recommend it as a weekly treat to spoil yourself with a yummy bath or shower and some self-care. 

My indicator of whether I am using a good lip balm is how my lips feel in the morning; I cannot go to bed before moisturising my lips and if they are not cracked the next morning, then it is a good product. This has been my experience with the Lip Therapy which now makes its way from my handbag to my bedside table on a daily basis. It has a gentle fragrance and a soft feel and the packaging, like that of a lipstick, is a lovely touch. This one gets two thumbs up from me.  

The Tissue Oil, itself, is lovely. It has a fresh scent to it and, because I have been using various tissue oils during my pregnancy, I’d say that I rate Justine’s along with the other store-bought brands that I have used. I have had followers on Instagram tell me that they swear by the Justine Tissue Oil and that, for me, is a testimony in itself to the quality of the product. I hope that it helps to keep the possibility of stretch marks to a minimal as my skin stretches in pregnancy but, so far, it’s been a win for me. 

The product that I cannot give too much input on is the Skin Repair Face Cream. As followers and readers of my blog you will know that my acne-prone skin has meant that I use medical-grade products on my face to complement my acne treatment. I’ve used the face cream twice and, on those days, I didn’t have any additional breakouts and my skin was moisturised without it being greasy but that is as much as I can say. In terms of recommendation, I think that it is a good product for women who forget to use their sunscreen because the face cream has a SPF of 20; a good SPF is always a selling point for me. 

The two products that I’m not so mad about are the Moisturising Body Lotion and the soap. The soap, I must admit, smells divine and is gentle on my skin but my preference, in general, is to use liquid soap as opposed to soap bars that get wet in the bathroom and cause soap scum, so it is more of a personal preference than an actual critique of the product itself. The body lotion, for me, isn’t as rich and creamy as I like my moisturisers to be. While it does the job it isn’t an ultimate win for me so, in the range as a whole, I would probably give this product a miss. 

So, there you have it, a balanced view on the Justine Tissue Oil range. I hope that you enjoyed reading this post. Have you tried any of their products before? And, if not, which ones would you be keen on using? Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts. 

If you’re interested in shopping any of these products you can do so on

Until my next post, 

Bronny xx


  1. Landi
    August 26, 2019 / 6:15 am

    Great post!
    Have not used any of their products before, but think I will give it a try. Have been experiencing very dry and tight skin with my pregnancy lately, so I definitely need good moisturising products.
    Thank you for the review 🙂

  2. Teneal
    August 26, 2019 / 12:21 pm


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