My skin care journey with The Dermaclinic

This post documents my skin care journey with The Dermaclinic before and into pregnancy.

The last two years have taken me on quite a journey with regards to the appearance of my skin. I’d visited a dermatologist who recommended treatments at The Dermaclinic as I wasn’t too keen on medicating to care for my acne. After a period of trial and error Debora, the therapist at The Dermaclinic, and I found the treatments that suited my skin best and, before becoming pregnant, my skin was acne-free, bright and healthy. I am fortunate to have them sponsor my treatments and they have given me to freedom to show the truth regarding my skin’s appearance; it’s not about showing a quick remedy but showing that there are various ways to deal with skin concerns and that each case is different. This post tracks the changes we have had to make because of my pregnancy. 
Before I became pregnant we used the following treatments to treat and prevent acne and to improve the appearance of pigmented skin. – Acleara pulse light treatment to kill bacteria that lives under the skin. – Easy Phytic chemical peels, which I believe was the real remedy to my acne breakouts (my skin thrived on this treatment). – Dermapen Micro-needling to breakup pigmentation and help my skin to get rid of marks and acne scarring. – Glycolic peels that helped to brighten and improve my skin’s texture. 
Now that I am pregnant we have had to make a few changes to my treatments because some of the chemicals put baby at risk or have not been tested on pregnant moms. We may no longer use Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Retinols, Glycolic acid or do any chemical peels. Lactic acid peels are fine to do during pregnancy but we have not found a reliable lactic acid peel and so we have not ventured down that route. The treatments we have been doing include: – Exuviance Charcoal Mask (as seen in my Instagram stories) and it helps to de-clog pores while discouraging pigmentation as it speeds up cell turnover. Pigmentation (darkening areas of the skin) is common in pregnancy and trying to prevent it is helpful. – Acleara Pulse light. – Omnilux light as it helps to brighten and rejuvenate the skin. 
We may do the Dermapen micro-needling but because I’ve had breakouts on a regular basis it is counter-progressive to deal with pigmentation at that level while new dark pigment occurs. We will definitely return to needling once my skin has settled (that may only be after pregnancy and so we continue to monitor what is happening). 
In terms of home-care I have started using the Demelan soap-free face wash (available at Clicks stores) and I moisturise every morning with my Skintech Blending Cream. The blending cream helps with preventing further pigmentation and I follow the use of that with Heliocare Gel oil-free sunscreen that is filled with antioxidants. The product I realized that I cannot go without is my Neostrata Antioxidant Serum; it is an anti-aging serum but I find that it works really well to prevent smaller pimples from forming. I use the serum at night. 
All of these products (apart from the face wash) are medical grade products and, even though they cost a little more than store-bought products, most of them last up to four months. I budget around R600 a month and replace them one at a time so that it isn’t so heavy on my pocket. While store-bought products can help, I’ve found that my skin needs a little more because of the acne treatments. Furthermore, when my skin is clear it is really radiant and so I don’t know if I could go back to store-bought moisturisers. That’s not to say that if you have found what works for you that you need to follow this route; my skin obviously needs more care and pregnancy has meant that I need to invest in it. 
To respond to a few questions that I was asked regarding skincare on Instagram: Everyone’s journey is different. Many women find that pregnancy makes their skin beautiful and they have that ‘glow’. I don’t believe that my pregnancy glow is affected by acne and I’ve accepted that it is a part of my journey as baby’s health is more important than spots. In the last two weeks I have seen a genuine improvement in my skin’s appearance and acne and I hope that it lasts but I won’t be too disappointed if it doesn’t. That being said, I believe that we need to be careful when telling others what to use without knowing the cause behind something like acne. When my gynae had me on progestin my skin was amazing; it’s not possible to sustain that throughout the pregnancy and it, once again, confirms that my acne is caused by hormonal imbalance, which I have no control over. I am not sure what one could do to prevent skin issues during pregnancy and I would advise speaking to you healthcare professional should you have real concerns because they know best. Diet definitely plays a role in the appearance of your skin and you may find that improving your diet may help your skin to look more refreshed and radiant. For me, diet alone doesn’t help to take care of my skin’s needs. 
I would say that individual concerns, such as large pores, pigmentation, darks circles and tired skin are best treated by professionals. The Dermaclinic offers an obligation-free consultation at R250 where recommendations can be made around these concerns. Alternately, a dermatologist (if covered by your medical aid it will save you a penny) can also help to assess the cause and make recommendations. It all depends whether you’re wanting to invest in a long-term solution or use products to help improve the appearance of your skin. 
Realistically, I know that everyone can not afford weekly or monthly treatments and my suggestion around this would be to invest in good products that can help to maintain the occasional treatments when you can afford them. 
I’ve really enjoyed the journey around self-care and my skin is a priority for me. 
Should you have any questions do not hesitate to visit the Dermaclinic’s page and to contact them regarding treatment. I am proud to be an ambassador for them and would recommend their professional opinion for your individual needs. 
Until my next post, Bronny xx

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