Turning Thirty

The ‘Dirty Thirty’!
Ignore that reference because it’s all been quite quiet clean since thirty! But I’m here, in a new decade of my life, and I couldn’t be happier! 

Is it odd that I’m happy to say goodbye to my twenties? I think that most people fear their thirties because it means that they are moving closer to the idea of being ‘old’ and away from believing that they still possess their youth. 

Now, while I feel that age is just a number, I also believe that age allows for experience; and isn’t that what life is about? If I weren’t thirty I would not be where I am today because accomplishments take time and thirty, for me, is the promise that I now get to enjoy many fruits of my twenty-year-old self’s labour. And even though I don’t necessarily want it to be the case, I feel different; I feel good! 

I had this running joke at the beginning of this year, that all my friends in their thirties were thriving and that I could not wait to ‘get me some o’ that!’And now I’m like, ‘Guys, I’ve arrived! Let’s be great together!’ 

The thing I’m most excited for is rest. It’s been a long time coming that I’ve felt that my life, in general, was too busy. I fed into every interest of mine and neglected the importance of priority. Now, at thirty, I find myself doing all the things I truly love and with enough time to read a book a week and be in bed by 10pm. How, you may ask? Well, I’ve started saying no to things that do not serve me and to people who use me for their convenience and here’s the difference: I no longer feel guilty about it. That good old things called wisdom; thirty I thank you! 
I want to end this post by relaying a conversation that I had with my children at school. They are in their youthful prime and they are, in many ways, still having to start the rest of their lives. Needles to say, they are very impressionable and any age that resembles that of their parents is considered to be ‘old’ and frightful and the least of their desires to reach. I’m edging closer to that sphere, though I have good genetics to ride out the impression that I’m younger (some of them are wise enough to know that I don’t behave like a twenty-six-year-old at all; I’m far too serious and rule-abiding to keep that up!) Anyway, so I was asked if I’m not afraid to get older and my answer was this: ‘No, I’m not; age beings with it the possibility of more. In ten years’ time I will be forty but there is also the dream that I will (God willing) be fetching a something-year-old from school and, in twenty, lovely conversations like the ones I have with (them).And who doesn’t want to tick more places traveled off on their bucket list? So, one would have to age to get all of that and, no, getting older doesn’t scare me!’ 

Now, don’t be worried, I’m not about to start knitting tiles (just yet) but I hope that you get the gist of what I’m saying, that thirty, to me, is the endless possibility of more! 

Until my next post, Bronny xx 


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  1. Landi
    April 30, 2019 / 10:12 pm

    I just turned 25. And I still feel like a teenager. Even though I’m doing all the adult things (working, staying on my own, about to get married). I think its all about the way you feel and carry yourself. And of course how you take care of yourself. I do actually still fear getting older. But your post just reminded me that every year and every decade comes with memories and experiences that can only be acheived through time. Here’s to celebrating life at every age. Thank you so much for the post.

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