Summer Hair Reminders

1. Add moisture.Water adds moisture. If you’re going to moisturise your hair, you water to be listed within the first two ingredients of your hair products. Conditioner is always your friend but to be sure to give your hair a good wash at least once a week to get rid of product build-up. I recently (and desperately) used the Knot on my Watch Instant Detangling Therapy by Aunt Jackie’s on my hair when I ran out of conditioner and I LOVED it as an occasional replacement for my conditioner; I’d recommend this if you have fine hair that doesn’t respond well to heavy conditioners as it adds moisture and detangles without weighing your hair down.  
Reminder: invest in good styling creams and oils! 
2. Don’t forget to trim.It is so tempting to allow growing hair to do just that but nothing looks (and feels) worse than damaged ends. What’s worse is that an overdue trim often leaves curls looking lifeless and it can weigh your hair down. You want your curls to be bouncy and full of life! Also, the sun can damage your hair and leave it looking and feeling dry; moisture and trimming can help to prevent this. 
3. Rinse your hair after swimming.I cannot stress this enough. I don’t know the exact science behind it but I know that salt water, as well as the chemicals from chlorine, really dries my hair out. Rinse, rinse, rinse! 
Tip: A hair mask post-swimming is also a good idea. 
4. Wear a hat. Prevention is better than cure. The best way to protect your hair from sun damage is to not expose it to the sun, that’s if you can help it. I know that I love my curls out on the beach but it’s also not the worst idea to wear a cute hat to festivals or when you’re out for the day. 
5. Ditch the ponytail. For many of us, the humidity in the air (and resultant frizz) in summer is reason enough to tie our hair. But we shouldn’t forget about the possible damage to or weakening of the hair if it is always tied.
Tip: on occasion, ditch the ponytail for a cute headband, a pinned braid or, like point 4, a cute hat. 
Those are just some simple reminders. About haircare. Do you have any summer hair care tips? Share them in the comment box below. 
Bronny xx


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