So Good it’s Noughty!

Vegan-Friendly, cruelty-free hair care products: yes, they exist!
Admittedly, I bought the Noughty hair products because the packaging was pretty, it smelt good and it was affordable. Later,  when wanting to post this, I went back to the packaging to do my usual ‘is one the first two ingredients water’ test and found more than I bargained for.
This product ticks all the natural hair boxes:
• Water as the first listed ingredient
• Free from parabens/ sulphates/ silicones
• Vegan friendly/ cruelty-free (which basically means that the product is not tested on “Bambi, Lassie or Skippy” as cleverly listed by the brand.
• The product is 97% natural as shown by its label and ingredients
How does it measure up?
Against my go-to styling products, the Curl Defining Taming Cream scores a 7/10. It smells fresh and has a creamy texture that is thick enough to tame my frizz but sufficiently absorbent to give my hair a natural look, which I always love in a wash and go product. The texture is a little stiff in comparison to light-weight creams but my hair transitions into a high bun without my having to add products to tame the edges. The product is a close second to my Aunt Jackie’s Curl Defining Custard, my ultimate go-to styling cream.
The To The Rescue Intense Moisture Treatment was a real treat to my stressed hair. After a week of aggressive styling for videos, the creamy (slightly buttery) treatment left my hair feeling smooth.
Would I recommend these products?
Yes, I would. It’s relatively affordable (costing less than R160 each at clicks, South Africa) and I consider it to be value for money. The Curl Defining Taming Cream is relatively small (only 150ml) which makes the purchasing of my favourite curl custard more worth it, the curl custard being cheaper for more product in the jar. It is always good, however, to have a second option when your favorite product is temporarily out of stock.
Coincidently, the packaging is purple, the same colour as some of my other favourite styling products. It seems that my hair loves purple!
Have you found this post informative? More importantly, will you try this product or brand? Leave a comment below or on my Instagram page (simplyboe).
Until my next post.

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  1. Vanda
    November 5, 2018 / 8:03 pm

    Thank you for the above review. Thick consistency is a no no for my low porosity hair. I do however enjoy the intensive care leave in conditioner in this brand. Leaves my curls bouncy and full of life.
    Thank you.

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