5 Myths about natural hair debunked!

1. Once you stop heat styling, your hair will ‘bounce back’.
I have received so many messages where individuals have stopped heat styling their hair and they cannot understand why, two weeks later, their hair has not begun curling again.
Your hair takes a while to recover from heat damage. The time period that it takes is different for every person because there are so many factors that contribute. Factors like:
– Your hair type
– The frequency of heat styling
– Whether you used heat protectant
The list goes on…
It also needs to be said that there isn’t a reversal treatment for relaxed hair. You have to have the patience to grow it out or be brave enough to cut the hair off.
The bottom line is that there is no quick fix to it all!
2. Being natural is easy and less work.
Any person who has natural hair will tell you that hair care is vital. Daily styling is different for everyone but it often involves rehydrating your hair and adding styling products and creams. If anything, it is more work because blow dried hair lasts a few days before one would need to re-style but natural hair can shift in shape quite a bit when one sleeps, depending on hair type and length, and that takes work to style on a daily basis.
3. If you follow what she does your hair will look like hers. 
Even if our hair types are similar, the truth is that what grows from your head is unique. That’s an amazing thing! But it also means that you have to play around and find what works for you. Someone else’s hair routine can help you to find yours but, ultimately, there is no guarantee that it will make your hair look exactly like hers does. This is true especially for different hair types and curls patterns.
My advice would be to spend time with your hair and figure out what works for you!
4. There’s a product bible that works for everyone.
Do I need to stress the point of hair type any further?
Similar to the advice in myth number three, spend time finding out whether you hair prefers oil- based products as opposed creamy combinations.if it prefers oil, how much of it should you be using and which oils works best?
My hair doesn’t like coconut oil. It makes it soft but my hair ends up looking dry. However, if I Dab some olive oil on it, my curls will bounce for days!
My advice? Don’t be afraid to Play to figure out what works for YOU.
5. That you just wash and go.
This post and many of my Instagram styling routines prove that good hair practices, along with suitable hair products, form an essential part of any day’s styling. There are women who are able to wash their hair and leave home minus the product application but even they need to deep condition on occasion to keep their curls healthy.
Tip: have your go-to styling cream and don’t be afraid to diffuse when needed. Also, have those braided and up-do styles that make the styling ‘burden’ easier on busy days.
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