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I loved having braids. There was something about not having to style my hair and walking out with it ‘styled’ while adding 10 minutes to my mornings (and that’s a big deal for someone like me who struggles to get out of bed!) that had me feeling fabulous. Also, who doesn’t love the feel of long hair?
The response to the video on IGtv was positive and so I thought I’d share a few tips for those considering/ wanting to go back to having braids.
1. Make sure that you use a good leave-in conditioner under your braids.
You’ll know why I say this when you remove your braids and find your own hair to be silky smooth. This leads me to my second point.
2. I am very nervous about hair damage. I suggest finding a silky fiber for your braids- this does not have to cost a lot or money and shopping around may be a good idea. (I used the Brandi fiber from PEP stores that cost R11,99 per packet and it worked well.)
3. Consider having your braids looser at the root. Yes, they won’t last as long but it will prevent your hair from breaking which it very, VERY important. Protective styles should always protect and not cause damage.
So how would you make them last if they aren’t very tight?
4. A silk scarf! Wrap the front of your hair with it when you sleep and shower. It keeps those braids together while you move in your sleep and prevents steam from creating a frizz while you freshen up.
5. Invest in a good oil or hair wax to neaten/ lay your edges. It keeps your braids looking neat and ‘new’ for longer. Don’t forget to use your face cloth to rinse the product out, though- there’s nothing like the embarrassment of stiff, over-waxed ‘whiskers’!
6. Don’t leave your braids in for too long. They begin to look untidy and you will, too. But they will also end up drying your hair out because your hair needs good product combed through it as well.
7. Have fun with your braids! Try new styles and remember that change is as good as a holiday.
Lastly, I said I would let you all know whether I’d do box braids again and the answer is DEFINITELY. They made me feel absolutely beautiful and they helped me take a break from all the effort my natural hair takes.
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