No Heat Damage!

No heat damage!

I know, that seems kind of impossible even for me. My hair always suffered even though I have only straightened twice a year since my big chop. Every other time it would take a few washes for my curls to bounce back.
So what’s changed?
The health and strength of my hair is the answer. I don’t go a day without using quality products on my hair and I protect when adding heat with my diffuser when I flat ironed at the weekend.
My shampoo and conditioner has really strengthened my hair (visit my instagram page to see which brand I have been raving about!)
TRESemmé’s Heat Defense Styling Spray has got to be my favourite because it continues to leave my hair soft (and not sticky or heavy with product) while preventing damage. I still use Aunt Jackie’s leave-in conditioner and Curl Custard, regularly, for styling. Finding products that agree with your hair definitely adds to its health and strength.
A usual sign that my hair was brittle were the tiny bubbles I’d feel or find when running a strand through my fingers. Those, as well as split ends, are a thing of the past!
After straightening I made sure to deep condition with the next wash. I used Pantene Pro-V Repair and Protect conditioner mixed with olive oil to do so.
I can honestly say that I do not regret having a little straight fun with my hair. My hair may just be strong enough to switch things up more frequently. The great thing about having curly hair is the option to have it straight.
Was it difficult managing the frizz? Of course it was! But that didn’t bother me; my inner curl-crown has its way of finding itself back where it belongs: on top of my head!
Have you cracked the heat-damage code? Share your tips in the comment section.
Until my next post.

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