Thank you, Malta

I’ve never been to Europe before and Malta was my first experience (I consider England and Wales to be a part of the UK and not Europe as a whole because they insist on having a separate, expensive, visa!).

I spent months in the gym preparing for this trip because I wanted to ‘fit in’ with all the beautiful European women I see on various media platforms. I spent countless nights on Pinterest, planning what to pack, and saved for seven months to be able to have financial freedom on this trip.
I titled this post ‘Thank you, Malta’ because the country has helped to debunk all my preconceived notions and expectations while offering me a really enjoyable and freeing experience!
I cannot begin to explain how comfortable the men and women are with their bodies. Not once did I receive the top to toe scan that I’m, sadly, accustomed to at home. Yes, my blog promotes self-Love and self-acceptance but we all have our insecurities. Mine is my stomach. It supports why I spent months in the gym. Do not get me wrong, I am very happy that I did but I appreciate that the way women spent their time in swimwear minus cover-up garments; stretch marks, rock hard abs, cellulite, toned legs and butts of all shapes and sizes, alike. Witnessing this freed me and I have left Malta feeling confident as ever!

I had a great chuckle at an influencer’s post asking where so many people get the money to be abroad at this time. The truth is that I spent the last seven months saving and cutting cutting back here and there to afford this trip. If I was going to fly all the way (which I hate doing) I was going to make sure that the trip was worth the hours spent upright and that I had the freedom to spend, shop, eat and see what I’d like.
Why am I sharing this? Because there is often a misconception that these things just happen- that may be the case for some people and for others, we plan. There’s nothing shameful in taking time to chase your goals and dreams or in using your hard earned money to treat yourself to wonderful experiences- whatever they may be. Under Wesley’s influence I’ve also adopted the ‘don’t count your chickens before they hatch’ principle, which is not to say that I do not get excited about things but it does mean that I’m careful to not over share while hoping and planning.
I really enjoyed spending time on Pinterest- it got me really excited for Europe and I feel I’ve packed adequately for the trip. Day to night outfits have been the best options over some beachwear thus far.
In Malta we stayed with friends of ours- so we basically had personalized tour guides who gave us recommended and asked experiences. My favourites of my experiences were definitely the times spent at the beaches and beach clubs; I cannot begin to tell you how much my skin LOVES the Mediterranean waters!
What I loved most about the country was the preservation of their heritage and culture; from Maltese doors to the celebration of Catholic saints there are shared values and traditions that make them a special nation. It amazed me that a desert island with infrastructure that reminded me of the Middle East was able to give me an experience that matched the tropical island expectation.
Adding to be experience was the fact that many Europeans and people from across the world were in Malta, visiting, in the the summer. The Brazilians wanted to know where my t-shirt was on the night of the World Cup game, thinking that I was Brazilian too, and they were very intrigued at the fact that I’m from South Africa which I was really proud to share.
It’s only four days of a two week trip that I so thoroughly enjoyed- I cannot wait to share my reflections on Spain!
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