Glass Half Full

We say it often, that what happens to us and how we perceive our fortune is determined by our attitude. It’s a commonly accepted philosophy that we write parts of our journeys based on our belief in ourselves (or the lack thereof). If it’s so simple to believe something into being, why do we get stuck in the rut of doubt, failure and misery?
I’d like to think that some of it is because of pressure: on our time, of ourselves and the dreaded disappointment that failure brings. I cannot begin to tell you how much pressure I’ve put on myself to live up to certain ideals or expectations that others have had of me. One that’s always shown its head many times is my mother’s expectation of the patience I struggle(d) to possess and show. I resented her many times for expecting this virtue I felt quite incapable of exercising without force and, sometimes, not so silent irritation. Strangely, I’ve become very patient since leaving for my own home. Is it possible that being free of the burdened expectation has actually allowed me to grow in that way?
If applied, how much more would we be willing to try or venture if the pressure and disappointment of failure didn’t loom about everything we tried?
I will confess that I die a thousand mini ‘what if nobody likes it’ deaths before posting something I really enjoyed working on or that I feel passionate or strongly about. While I don’t need approval for every path I venture down, the possibility of failing expectations that others have of me is also a part of sharing these things that matter to me. Yes, ideal speak says that as long as we don’t fail our own expectations we are fine but forgive me for wanting to know that another human being feels the same ‘go it’ or ‘go you!’ that I do.
Coming back to the title: Glass Half Full- it reminds me that everything is balanced. What shapes the outcome or direction we choose to go is determined by what we choose to focus on. For example, my recent post sharing my real trouble with adult acne could have gone two ways. My Instagram followers could have 1. been outraged by the supposed masking of the truth or (and thankfully this is the case) 2. have been very supportive and encouraging around the reality of struggling with personal flaws on a platform that encourages the idea of perfection. I chose to focus on how I was feeling and didn’t want to hide my reality and am thankful that others appreciate some honesty spice once in a while. I could have focused on my feelings of ‘ugly’ but chose to rather use it as a tool to encourage self-acceptance in any form that matters to the individual.
I’ve rambled on but I genuinely feel that the age-old ‘glass half full’ way of thinking really has something to it. What have you been focusing on? Is it the part that’s promising failure and destruction? Or is there another way that you can approach a situation that will encourage you to move in a different direction? Do you choose to focus on what you’ve lost in a situation or is there room for you to grow and learn? Those tools could be the very thing that may help you to top your glass of happiness and satisfaction with life. Those things are contagious! I challenge you to be the glass half full that the empty person next to you will aspire to! And this isn’t my pretense at being okay through life’s hardships- because there are many- it’s an encouragement to lick your wounds and get back up. You deserve the right to be happy and fulfilled.
Until my next post,
Simply BOE

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