My First Week Back

I’m really enjoying being back at work. Trust me, there were many reasons for me to drag myself to school on Monday the 15th; it was the one year anniversary of my dad’s passing and I’d spent the night curled up on the bathroom floor with cramps. Despite these would-be setback to my day, I was determined to start the year well. So I went to school and I was glad that I did.

Teaching is all about relationship. For me, missing the first day would mean missing out on people’s excitement to see you and I was not willing to trade that for questions of concern.

Our headmaster started the year on a lighter note – with less paper. I, genuinely, appreciated the guest speaker over the bulleted notes on responsibilities; I’m so glad that he focused on self-care as opposed to admin, which we have the rest of the year to complete!

I was excited to see the children. I think they felt it because I enjoyed my first three days of lessons. I really value my position of influence and feel that the decision to enjoy my classroom made me want to get up and go to work; so much that I was up before 6am, daily, with only one tap on he snooze button!

Even more surprising was my staying at school for an additional two hours (on a Friday afternoon) to add some posters and positive reminders to my classroom space!

Believe me when I say that it took me six months to find my feet last year, and another six to settle in. This year already promises to be different: I have a very clear understanding of my role and responsibilities and I can’t wait to create and learn with my learners! I feel calm and level-headed and want to do my best to have them reach their potential.

I’m also really excited to get to know our new members of staff. New people bring fresh ideas and energy to existing structures and I really feel that I work with a strong, competent and inspiring teachers!

If the first week sets the tone, then I am super excited for this year and am wishing each reader and follower all the best for the year that lies ahead.

Have you enjoyed the start to your working year?



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  1. Hopeful
    January 23, 2018 / 10:44 pm

    Your Learners are truly blessed to have you.
    All the best with the year ahead ..

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