An Acne Solution

I have had problematic skin since the age of twelve. When I finished high school, I’d decided to use birth control to deal with my breakouts. It worked but after ten years I decided that I had had enough. Not only would I like to have children one day, reading up on the effects of birth control, when used over time, showed me that it was time to look for alternate remedy. Also, due to the hormones in the pill I used, my forehead’s skin tone was considerably darker than the rest of my face – something that has improved over the last year.

As expected, I began breaking out. Adult acne is a reality for me and I began seeking solutions.

A dermatologist recommended a topical retinoid (an acne preventing cream) as well as an antibiotic to help prevent breakouts. I agreed to it on a short-term basis to get the process started but made it clear that I was not comfortable with more medication and the treatment, itself, dried my skin. I began considering cosmetic treatments. They have improved the radiance of my skin (more of that in a later post) and have helped with my breakouts. This post shares some of the good skin-care habits I have developed over time as well as the products I use to keep my skin healthy-looking and as blemish free as possible.

1. Cleansing.

I use non-comedogenic cleansers. Simply put, face washes that are formulated so as to not cause blocked pores. The Eucerin range has been amazing. It eliminates excess oils without leaving my skin dry. I make sure that I remove my makeup before bed at night and cleanse, immediately, after. I like the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water makeup remover and my foundation is oil-free to help prevent blocked pores.

2. Prevention and care.

I use the iS CLINICAL Active Serum at night. It has anti-aging, anti-acne and skin brightening benefits. My acne is caused by hormonal imbalance so the Active Serum has helped to reduce breakouts at various times of the month and reduces pimples to one or two at a time if I’m diligent with the use of it. My daily moisturiser is the Avène Cleanance MAT which is, specially, formulated for blemish-prone skin. I no longer have an oily complexion and my skin feels soft and smooth.

3. Sun protection.

It took me years to realise how important investing in a good facial sunscreen is. The cosmetic treatments I have had done require me to wear sunscreen, daily, and to limit my exposure to the sun when possible. I have two favourites. The Neostrata Sheer Physical protection (this one I like to use under my makeup) and the Heliocare 360 Mineral Fluid (because it can acts as a moisturiser as well). Both of these products have an SPF of 50 which means they they give a high level of protection against the sun, particularly important for me because of my acne scarring.

These are my go-to products to keep my skin acne and blemish free in a non-hormonal and almost natural way.

Was this post helpful? What have you done to care for your skin?



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