Your Story Matters

“It’s not just about the art – it’s about giving your soul a voice for freedom of expression.” – Desiree East

Life is about telling stories; whether they are told around a camp fire, at the dinner table, in a published novel or on the walls of a city skate park – they matter because they are unique, and powerfully so.


Conformity frightens me!


I cannot be like you because my experiences (and perceptions) are different. That does not mean that your story does not have the ability to affect me – and how amazing is it not when we affect one another, positively.


This post tells a story of two colleagues, teachers, who refuse to be only that. Our expression lies in our abilities to create. Meeting her was no accident and I am privileged to work with a photographer who is not only invested in the visions I have for my blog, but with someone who, creatively, inspires original content.


I love her work; her relaxed demeanour allows you to feel comfortable. When she shoots, it is all about you. Her photographs have that ‘thing’ to it and I suspect that it’s her friendly quirk that adds that touch of ‘real’ to each frame.


This shoot lived up to its expectations in that it amounted to art; her lens, my passion and the graffiti artist’s marks on the wall all represent the freeing of the soul and the freedom of expression.



For individual, family and wedding photoshoots, email and follow her Instagram page @charmekrielphotography.


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  1. Vanessa
    November 4, 2017 / 6:02 am

    Inspiring, beautiful photos. I love them.

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