Summer hair Preparation

We have passed the middle of August- can you believe it? September and spring are fast approaching and, before we know it, summer would have arrived. It’s time to start changing our wardrobes (and if you are anything like me you would have already spent time on Pinterest having a look at this season’s ‘must-haves’) and, more importantly, it’s time to tweak our beauty regimen to help us glow throughout summer.

This post focuses on hair and the transition from winter to summer; we spend time considering a higher spf but, often, neglect the importance of oil and nourishing treatments to help our hair cope in the baking sun. Read on for my top spring hair-transitioning tips!

This should be obvious but we wait until it is too late to allow our hair to recovery from heat damage. I don’t wear makeup when I am not photographing or out and about, similarly, you could begin by not straightening your hair when it isn’t necessary to do so. For those of us who diffuse, consider turning down the heat setting and dryer speed. Also, consider diffusing till your hair is about 80% dry on days when the weather is warmer. Less heat= less damage!

2. TRIM!
It gets rid of split ends and gives your hair LIFE! It also protects the strand from further damage. Lifeless, dull hair is often remedied by a good trim. That may be 1cm or 5, depending on your hair type and it’s condition. There’s a general rule that you will trim your hair every 6-8 weeks, but for someone who takes good care of their hair this may only be necessary every 3-6 months. Pay attention to your strand; notice the health and pay attention to how it falls.

It’s something I used to neglect because I co-wash and use conditioner every time I wash with shampoo. I hadn’t realised that I’d been robbing my hair of moisture until it had become dry and brittle (even though I hadn’t been heat-styling). You want to keep your hair strong and hydrated and a deep conditioner aids that process.
My recommendation: Curl Chemistry Deep Conditioning Treatment.


It helps to prevent split ends, seals in keratin and moisture and adds healthy shine. It’s been described as the ‘powerhouse’ of hair chair by and does the trick to keep your hair feel incredibly soft, too!
My recommendation: apply and leave it on under a shower cap for about an hour, once a week, to experience the benefits!


As a natural or for someone who uses heat to style their hair- this is something that you should NEVER go without! It adds moisture without weighing down your hair and acts as a good preparatory product for other styling creams (if you choose to apply them).
My recommendation: Aunt Jackie’s Moisture Intense Leave-in Conditioner.


You may want to switch heavy creams for light-weight styling products. They won’t weigh your hair down and it may help with product build-up if you’re styling daily. Also, there’s nothing like a natural ‘puff’ or wave with a pretty, floral dress or cute shorts and tee!
However, if you still want to tame the frizz or flatten stubborn edges, use your heavier cream on day one and add the lighter cream on the days leading to wash day.
My recommendations: For a light-weight styling cream, Aunt Jackie’s curl-lala Defining Curl Custard.

For ‘full coverage’ I would recommend Aunt Jackie’s Defining Curl Whip.

For light-weight, gloss styles I recommend Design Essentials Natural Daily Moisturizing Lotion.


For oily hair types, this may be done daily. For naturals, use shampoo sparingly. Continuous washing robs your hair of its natural oils as nutrients. Opt for co-washing in between and use a good clarifying shampoo on wash day.
My recommendation: Aunt Jackie’s Moisturizing and softening shampoo or Curl Chemistry Sulphate-free Shampoo.


Have you found this post helpful? Leave a comment. Do you have other product recommendations? Please share them.


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