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I recall hearing about the Curl Chemistry brand around the time I’d had my big chop done. I was really nervous to try new products and hadn’t had enough contact with local naturals to ask about it. Thankfully, natural hair influencers have grown on social media so, I was encouraged to try this local brand because of all the attention it has received.

I purchased my Curl Chemistry Sulphate Free Shampoo and Curl Activating Cream (both for kinky, curly and wavy hair) through a, friendly, representative who delivered the product to my home. I opened my bottle and jar to a fresh smell and was keen to give my new products a go!

*Note, I had not purchased the deep conditioner which has also gotten many positive reviews.

On my first time using the product, I wanted to use the products as is (I am used to mixing products, but more about that later). I washed with the shampoo, conditioned with an ordinary deep conditioner and applied the Curl Chemistry Curl Activating Cream to style my hair.

The shampoo: I enjoyed how much it lathered in comparison to other sulphate-free shampoos and it left my hair feeling squeaky clean (important for naturals as our hair is prone to product build-up).

The Curl Activating Cream: I was happy with the spread of the product and it hadn’t left any residue. My hair felt natural and looked shiny and moisturised. On my first try with the product, however, I found that my hair knotted and felt a little dry. I assumed that the feel could either be because of my hair’s texture or because I hadn’t used the deep conditioner, as the product sells itself as a three-step treatment.

I was determined to try it again and to use it as I would use other styling products. This time, I conditioned my hair with one part conditioner and one part olive oil (all of this before going to work to be able to write this review!). I proceeded to apply a leave-in conditioner before adding the Curl Activating Cream as this is a usual part of my usual styling routine.

The results?

The product has left my hair soft, moisturised, natural-looking and bouncy. I was able to avoid frizz and could style my hair using hair clips that evening with no puff or fuss.

Would I recommend the product?

Yes, I would- and I would recommend using all three of them as intended. Like with all styling products, you have to use them in a way that suits your hair. For me, it’s using a leave-in conditioner in conjunction with the Curl Activating Cream.

Further comments:
I think it’s really important to support local brands, and this product stands the test of quality. I’d like to see Curl Chemistry have their own leave-in conditioner and oil treatment to help us naturals through the possible dryness that our hair faces when the seasons change.

How can you purchase the product?

You can follow Curl Chemistry on Instagram and communicate about purchasing, delivery, etc. They are quite efficient in their responses. If you are located in the southern suburbs in Cape Town you can also visit Ruba Nova in Thornton Road, Belthorn, to purchase individual products or a sample pack (visit their Instagram page for more details).

Have you tried the product? Or been inspired to purchase and give it a go? Leave a comment to share your thoughts and/or experience.



Results on the first use of Curl Chemistry


Sample pack available at Ruba Nova


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