Walking with positive purpose


The three week break I’ve had has given me the valuable time I need to rest, heal and reflect. Yes, teachers are fortunate to have this time off but I, genuinely, wish that everyone could have a mid-year break to refresh and press reset in their lives. We all need the time to remind ourselves of our goals and dreams. I am thankful and am, therefore, sharing some of my reflections in this post.

It’s really important to surround yourself with positive energy, be it your own or that of others. I’ve written many posts about my various insecurities that I’ve had to overcome. I’m sure that more will reveal themselves to me but I can, truly, say that I’ve begun to live with a true sense of purpose.

The part that I rarely speak about is my decision to recommit my life to God. It’s a personal relationship which has influenced many of my decisions over the last year. I find serenity, courage and wisdom in my walk as an imperfect, but Christian, woman.

Part of what I’m discovering is the importance of the company you keep. I’ve had many relationships I’ve felt obligated to maintain because of the years spent building them. Wisdom has shown me that investment should be mutual. It’s also taught me that we all have difficult times in our lives, but it does not mean that we need to spread unhealthy negativity when we suffer through them. We can be supportive but it’s really important to know when to draw the line when listening to, or sharing our troubles with, others.

My job allows me to have a degree of influence. I really want to use that privilege to affect those around me in a consciously positive way. The start of that, I guess, is to be consciously positive about my own life. I’ve had so many blessings and opportunities afforded to me and I hope to use them to spread light. I feel that my purpose lies in doing that.

I’ve learnt to say yes to myself. Yes, you can try something new. Yes, you can turn away from nastiness (my own and that of others). Yes, you can love and care more. Yes, you are important and yes, you will overcome whatever it is and be stronger for it.

My wish is to smile, daily. Whether physically or in my heart, I really want to continue down this path of positivity because it does not only give me a sense of purpose but it, really, makes me happy. I’m excited to see what the future holds for me.

I wish for everyone to find their voice and to connect with themselves in a meaningful way. You are allowed to be excited about your life. If you need a nudge in the right direction- begin by counting your blessings and, who knows, it may be the start of something great!


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