Curls and Confidence

If you had told me a year ago that I’d comfortably step in front of a camera in the way that the photos in this post reveals, I would have told you that you are crazy! But here I am, and I owe this kind of confidence to my decision to big chop my hair a year ago.

Yes, these photographs are a current reflection of my confidence and expression, but cutting my hair has done so much more than allowing me to take cool photographs.

[About the photographs: Afrikaans mommy blogger/ photographer/ teacher, Charmé Kriel, and I decided to collaborate on them. She’d wanted to expand on her portfolio and ‘play’ a little and I was eager to have some great photos for my Instagram page and blog. She’s an amazing photographer in that she helped me to feel so comfortable that my natural silliness and flare shone through. Mostly, she captured my smile- the part of me that I love the most!]

About the confidence…
Cutting my hair has transformed my life because I no longer feel the need to conform to society’s idea of beauty.

I love my curly Afro. I remember a time when I wanted curly hair and not an Afro because of the stereotypes and stigma attached to people who have Afros. I was yet to let go of my prejudice and enter the realm of self acceptance. Today I have an Afro and I LOVE it!

It’s amazing to stand out in a crowd, to walk into a room and be noticed because you are different and to have eyes stare at you with like and admiration. It feels good to have positive attention which wasn’t the case when I had cut my hair. People responded with shock because all they knew was the old me- they (and I) could not have imagined where I’d be just a year later!

I’m happy in my own skin, and that’s an amazing feeling. I’ve learnt to go easy on myself; to not criticize everything that’s wrong and rather pay attention to what’s good. I’ve learnt not to look for what I don’t have in other girls but to celebrate what I do. I can only hope that my self-acceptance and self-love will encourage others to look in the mirror and see their own beauty and light. That’s what this entire journey is about: I’d never want others to wish they had anything I did but rather to find the joy in their lives and express who they are in an authentic and positive way.

It’s so important to find yourself and this blog is an expression of that for me. I’ve grown in so many other areas of my life because I have the confidence to take chances. I don’t hide anymore; I’m able to laugh at myself and I’m not as afraid of failure like I used to be.

I could go on, but the thing that matters the most is that, through my journey with my curls, I’m super excited about life and that’s because I’ve found the magic in being myself. I’m excited to tap into the areas outside of my physical appearance and I hope to grow in them, too.

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