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Snapseed.jpg(Literally) falling over my feet!

Recently, Someone referred to my blog as my baby. I liked that term because I feel that this space is, very much, in its infancy and I’m excited to have it grow. I’ve committed to it and, regardless of readership or followers, I’m really passionate about it. It’s my space and it allows me to do the thing I love most: to write.

Do you remember story time on the mat in grade one? Those were of my favourite class moments. I guess that I’ve upgraded to the one telling the stories and I, sincerely, hope that you enjoy the space on my mat.

But keeping this blog alive isn’t easy. While my Instagram profile shows the busy- out and about- side of my life, there’s the reality that I have to walk into a classroom and teach for five out of seven days a week. That requires planning and their efforts require red ticks on a page. Needless to say, the time I spend on my blog content is done after hours and, usually, in the time I’d spend with family and friends. I really want to keep producing thoughtful posts, but I also want the contact time with loved ones, so I’ve gotten a little clever with how I go about using those precious hours!

I’ve gotten my husband on board and I turn those adventures into lunch and coffee dates- we have to eat, anyway! I’ve decided to say yes to invitations, particularly those outside of my comfort zone, because time spent, constructively, allows for inspiration. As I was told: for one to be interesting, you have to be interested. I also tag friends and family members along to various events, the ¬†etc. so that I’m able to spend time and gather new ideas, simultaneously.

The actual writing, usually, happens while my food is busy cooking (like right now), en route to a destination, or during quiet time before bed (with television series playing in the background). While the posts themselves have a genuine flow while I write them, the editing process can take up to three days. I am pedantic about grammar and spelling but, more so, it often takes up to ten un-posted reads for me to hear my voice. I feel that one’s authenticity is so important and I need to feel that I’ve communicated, exactly, what I had intended.

Apart from the writing focus of the blog, I’ve challenged myself to be more thoughtful about my visual content on the blog and other social media. Let’s face it, we live in a visual world and we are more inclined to click and read if we’ve liked what we have seen.

I have some new ideas about where to take Simply B.O.E. I hope that you’re going to enjoy her content as she and I grow into new spaces. Mostly, I hope that you appreciate the time spent writing her, because I know that I appreciate every single click to see what I have to say next!

So watch this space! And click follow (and, soon, subscribe) to continue walking this journey with me. My Instagram page @simplyboe also shares these posts, so click follow there, too, if you’d like to keep doing just that.


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  1. June 28, 2017 / 1:36 pm

    Great hear about your dedication towards your blog! That’s really nice..
    I love people who love blogging if at anytime you need anytime feel free to ask me..
    Have a lovely day.

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