You have to do what feels right


“If in doubt, don’t.” I will never forget these words used by Oprah Winfrey during one of her televised shows.

Lately, I’ve put myself under a lot of pressure to embrace growth and change. I’m a creature of habit, so resigning from my precious job was a big step for me. The change was good because it challenged me to move out of my comfort zone. While the change taught me to shift and to dream it has shaken me, too.

The beauty about dreams is that they are allowed to be as sweet or as terrifying as you allow them to be. The nightmare to a dream, for me, is reality: the endless list of things that could disturb or shake the ecstasy of the highs and lows that the concept of possibility brings.

Normal is safe. Safety feels better than the nausea of uncertainty but it also limits one to the ordinary.

I’ve been navigating through some tumultuous internal dialogue: how much am I willing to shift to realise my dreams? In the excitement of possibility, how much of my doubts are because of fears and how much of them are a true voice of reason?

I guess I’m calling for my trust in the almighty to guide me, but also for my intuition to help me feel my way through the unknown. Mostly, I hope to stand firm so that in the face of success and failure I choose remain true to myself, always.



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