Using my pantry to care for my hair

It has been nearly a year since my big chop and commitment to wearing my hair naturally. Curls, when taken care of, can look effortlessly beautiful which is why it’s so important to keep them moisturised and healthy. However, there’s often a misconception that they require little to no maintenance. Perhaps my intention to grow my hair has made me more aware of the care factor but I thought I’d share my cost-effective, natural ways of caring for my locks. I don’t mind spending money on products for daily styling, but I find that these kitchen-based ‘products’ do an amazing job at restoring the moisture to my generally dry and brittle hair. I hope that these tips are useful as they are applicable to any hair type.

Tip 1: Use eggs to keep your hair strong and healthy


A natural protein, eggs help to keep my hair healthy. When my hair feels a little dry and frizzy I crack two eggs, beat them in a bowl, and apply them to my hair before cleaning the house or making supper. I rinse it after about an hour and wash my hair as per usual, applying conditioner after the wash as well. My hair is left feeling silky and smooth after this treatment, something worth smelling a little odd for!

(Often, I use an egg white on my face skin as well to tighten my pores while treating my hair.)

Tip 2: Olive oil to replace the loss of natural oils.


The current length of my hair requires daily styling. On occasion I will braid it to avoid water and manipulation but I tend to wash my hair on a daily basis (with shampoo every third day and co-washing in between). My hair doesn’t have much of a chance to produce natural oils with this routine so I use olive oil to add gloss to my curls when they become dry and difficult to manage. To do this, I apply palm-full amounts of olive oil to my hair as needed. I, then, place a shower cap over my hair for about an hour as the humidity allows for the oils to penetrate deeply (a plastic packet with a towel over works just as well). I wash and style my hair as usual once the treatment is done.

Tip 3: Olive oil combined with egg for a nourishing hair mask.


When needed, I mix the two ingredients together (combining an egg and 2 table spoons of olive oil) and put them on my hair for a restorative mask.

How often do I use these treatments? As needed. A good indicator is when my curl pattern loosens or when they appear to be more frizzy than usual. If my hair is breaking, I turn to the eggs first. If it feels dry, I use the Olive oil. If my hair hasn’t responded well to products or hasn’t been treated in a while (about 5-6 weeks) then combine my ingredients and apply them.

Other oils that I would recommend are almond and sweet almond oil. These need to be used sparingly, though, as they can make your hair quite greasy. Coconut oil is also very good for hair, but overuse may cause your hair to appear dry.

I hope that these tips help. Leave a comment if you have used any of them or if you have other natural tips to share.



  1. sashavaughan
    May 4, 2017 / 1:02 pm

    Hey Girl! I love – thanks for posting. Much needed and I hope to try soon.

  2. Tiffany
    May 5, 2017 / 2:56 pm

    Thanks for the hair tips B. Will definitely be trying it out. Hopefully one day my hair will curl as fabulously as yours.

  3. February 12, 2018 / 6:49 pm

    No way, Can’t wait to try this

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