Turning Twenty-eight

I have been inspired by natural movements of hair girls frogirlginny, Lauren Lewis and the like. I’ve wanted to host a natural party for a really long time but I was unsure of how I’d sell the idea and didn’t know who would attend. I decided to throw an all-GIRLS natural party for my 28th birthday because I was sure that my friends would say yes to celebrating with me. I asked them to show up wearing no makeup and to wear their hair naturally. If I said that there were no silent protests of discomfort, I’d be lying! But my friends bought into the idea and arrived looking naturally flawless!

Why a natural party?
It wasn’t about dismissing the current beauty trends, rather, I invited them on the last year’s journey of self discovery. When I cut my hair I was thrilled for a little while and then I was incredibly uncomfortable. I guess that my ask was to take them on that journey of discomfort in their natural state.

But it was about more than that: I’ve seen all of my friends without makeup on and I think that they are all stunning women who have inspired and encouraged me through many phases of my life.

So what went down?
First I prayed and welcomed them, then I performed a poem for them about my hair (the one posted on the blog- have a read!) my friends giggled and nodded their heads at descriptions that spoke to them because we all understand moments when we attempted to beat our hair into submission!

I, then, played a clip of the interview that Alicia Keys gave after arriving at the MTV Video Music Awards, an event she wore no makeup to.
(Click here to listen to her positive words: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GmbFPPiK6D8)
Needless to say, she has inspired me because I feel that she is a real example to young girls and women who do not identify with the glamour of Hollywood and the perfection of the red carpet.


We played a typical ‘what’s in your hand-bag’ game before we broke away for group discussions. In groups of three the women were asked to talk about the role model they have already met, gender roles, the advice that they would give their younger selves, the pressures of society and their wish for women in general. Returning from those groups, the women were relaxed and some seemed as though they needed the space to offload a little.

The group discussion paved way for our ‘show and tell’. I’d asked the ladies to bring along the ‘thing’ that makes them feel beautiful. We shared our marks of strength, we shared our pretty smells and comforting jewelry and, of course, we shared the items from our makeup bags!

To end the party, I asked the ladies to kiss a card (as they were asked to bring along their favourite shade of lipstick) and sign their names. Those cards will always remind me of the women who allowed me to celebrate them and who made the time to celebrate with me.


Oh, and what was in their goodie bags?
– A hand-made notepad
– A pencil
– A nail file
– a hand-made bookmark with the poem ‘Still I rise’ by Maya Angelou
– A lollipop
– a hair tie, lest we feel uncomfortable with our natural hair!
– A kiss card goodie bags?
– A hand-made notepad and pencil
– A nail file
– a hand-made bookmark with the poem ‘Still I rise’ by Maya Angelou
– A lollipop
– a hair tie, lest we feel uncomfortable with our natural hair!
– A kiss card


Following our party, many of the ladies commented positively and thanked me for the space provided for us to remove some of our masks and just chat about being women. What they didn’t know was that I couldn’t thank them enough for the comfort and validation that their friendship has brought into my life. I also saw just how well they know me when I opened their ‘Bronwyn-appropriate’ gifts, all of which I loved! There are friendships that are worth investing in and I am thrilled to be surrounded by true gems.


Words cannot do the party justice, but I’m happy that I’ve managed to capture some of it in this post.




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  1. sashavaughan
    May 1, 2017 / 5:35 pm

    Thanks Hun for sharing. You know how I feel – keep on inspiring me!

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