The pencil test and then the ‘K’ word used to describe my texture
‘Why didn’t you make time to blow dry your hair?’ – Here we go, another pseudo-lecture

‘Is that sheen? It smells like drain,’
I remember a boy saying
I can hardly breathe, stop! What’s that ‘firm-hold’ stuff you’re spraying?

I’d experienced sleeping like this because of the rollers in my hair
I recall being pulled like that until my hair was burnt and straightened beyond repair

It MUST be straight- that’s what they made me believe
I look back at that child, and man, was she deceived!

And then I decided to snip
And could no longer hide behind that elastic or pretty hair clip

‘It’s just hair,’ that’s what they may say
But their responses had affected me in every way

Now I’m free,
Free to be wild, you see
Now I’m free,
Free to be me – whatever that may be

Now I’m free
Free, so they can see
That being beautiful
Is to be, naturally, ME!


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  1. vanessa
    April 24, 2017 / 2:59 pm

    An absolutely inspiring and uplifting piece of writing. You’ve expressed those feelings of frustrations perfectly.
    Your boldness in throwing caution to the wind and embracing your curls has liberated me too….
    Thank you for sharing this

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